st elmo, colorado

St. Elmo Overview. The site is located at 38°42′17″N 106°20′53″W / 38.70472°N 106.34806°W / 38.70472; -106.34806, at an elevation of 10,006 feet (3050 m) in Chaffee County, Colorado. St. Elmo is a ghost town in Chaffee County, Colorado, United States. This well preserved ghost town, one of Colorado’s best, is just a short drive from Buena Vista. The tunnel brought the Denver, South Park and Pacific railroad to Buena Vista and Leadville. Hotels near St. Elmo: (0.01 mi) PARADISE! View Photos The Mary Murphy Mine recovered over $60,000,000 worth of gold while it was in operation. St Elmo Community Unit School District 202 is an ideal place to buy a home. While the other mines eventually shut down, the Mary Murphy Mine continued to operate until the railroad was abandoned in 1922.[5]. St. Elmo, The Colorado Ghost Town You Can Easily Drive To. Along this path the Iron Chest Mine is accessible. … However, it is rumored that many of the previous residents of this particular area reside in this ghost town as spirits. of our drive, starting at St. Elmo and ending at the town of Tincup ... Solid home in Stratton Meadows. The mining industry started to decline in the early 1920s, and in 1922 the railroad discontinued service. Enjoy eight photos and four videos ... Gold and silver drew miners in. Even though it had early rail service, the town was sixteen miles off the principal routes, and it had difficulty obtaining the outside financing that was critical for new exploration and mining expansion. google_ad_client = "pub-5476340418163980"; The closest grocery stores are Natural Grocers and Safeway. google_ad_client = "pub-5476340418163980"; You'll head toward Mt. Our hotel is located in the San Juan Mountains which makes it a perfect location for your vacation. [4] The Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad line ran through St. Elmo. Sunny Spring Days Are Best, A bike ride up Chalk Creek Canyon on a sunny spring day. Location. Shown are my 15 best photos