Our Aim

This unique project seeks to improve the production and productivity of banana in Tanzania and Uganda, through the development and delivery of hybrid banana varieties that are expected to have 30% higher yield compared to the current varieties grown by farmers
under the same conditions.

To dramatically UPSCALE existing breeding activities

To BUILD a breeding and selection pipeline


To INCREASE the pace and efficiency of banana breeding

Work Packages

To achieve its aims, the project has been structured around five strategic goals and one management goal
arranged as Work Packages

Banana Breeding Pipeline

Enhanced performance of banana breeding systems in East & Central Africa to deliver improved East African highland bananas with increased levels of pest & disease resistance
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Empowering End-User Evaluation

System for better tailoring breeding products and increasing adoption of new cultivars through end-user feedback systems and participatory evaluation of improved
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Pest and Disease Control

Enhanced host plant resistance to major pest and disease constraints through improved pathogen identification and accelerated early stage screening of resistance
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Harnessing Data

Driving improved efficiency of breeding systems and enhanced synergy in national, regional and global partnership through an open-source database and tool box
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Leveraging the Genetics of Traits in Banana Breeding

Understanding the genetics of key traits is crucial to accelerate progress in breeding. We use genetic and genomic tools to develop molecular markers
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Our Locations

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