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6 Episodes Documentary filmmaker John Wilson embarks on an odyssey of self-discovery and cultural observation by covertly filming the lives of fellow New Yorkers while trying to share advice. On its surface it’s a documentary series that aims to both teach and philosophize on a variety mundane subjects (for example, the first three episodes are about small talk, scaffolding, and improving memory). )The … On Friday, a show with the blandest title on television (“How To With John Wilson”) dedicated an episode to the most boring subject imaginable (scaffolding) and … (It landed on our Best Shows of 2020 list. Filmmaker and "anxious New Yorker" John Wilson films fellow New Yorkers while attempting to give advice on relatable topics in Season 1.How To with John Wilson is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). Across six half-hour episodes, each of which takes months to assemble and edit, documentarian John Wilson roams around New York attempting to … John offers a unique history of New York's hideous yet sprawling network of overhead "protection," otherwise known as scaffolding - and contemplates what it might take to reduce its nearly 300-mile eyesore presently overtaking the city. An anxious New Yorker who attempts to give everyday advice while dealing with his own personal issues. With John Wilson, Cynthia Larson, Ron Low, Yanjaa Wintersoul. How To with John Wilson is a difficult show to categorize. But as I watched the six episodes of Wilson’s sometimes hilarious, often beautiful, perpetually odd new HBO docu-comedy series How to With John Wilson… The awkward contradictions of modern life are eased by Wilson's candid, unpolished commentary, with season one's episodes offering up his distinct take on a range of deceivingly simple topics. The awkward contradictions of modern life are eased by Wilson's candid, unpolished commentary. The series first aired on October 24, 2020. How to With John Wilson was one of the most acclaimed but also hardest-to-sell new shows of 2020. 9.8 'How to With John Wilson' Renewed for Season 2 at HBO Today, 12:40 pm Worth Watching: A Musical 'Grinch,' 'Christmas Light Fight,' 'Race' Sprints Through Manila, HBO's 'Alabama Snake' Today, 7:00 am Building upon Wilson's previously released "how to" short films, each episode takes wildly unexpected turns but is grounded in John's refreshing honesty.

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